Links to Our Allies

Quiet Montclair. One of our strongest allies, Quiet Montclair grew out of efforts begun in 2019 by a small group of residents frustrated by the noise and pollution created by gas leaf blowers. They are working toward practical, forward-looking solutions with township officials, public health and environmental experts, and landscapers. Please note: Quiet Montclair has generously agreed to share some of its original website content with Huntington Calm. We encourage visitors to check out the Quiet Montclair website for more helpful, educational resources.

American Green Zone Alliance. AGZA does remarkable work in training, educating, and helping the landscaping industry to transition from gas to battery equipment.

Healthy Yards. Organized by a team of professional gardeners, master gardeners and garden “passionates” in Westchester County. Their goal is to inform people about Healthier Yard practices. Also visit

Leaf Blower Noise Pollution. Find out how you can be part of the solution to end excessive noise pollution and environmental impacts from leaf blowers, and to regain our quiet communities one at a time.

Leave Leaves Alone! was developed by a group of Bedford, NY, residents in 2011, most of whom were Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners, concerned about the environmental pollution and destruction of soil properties caused by the practice of leaf blowing.

Pollinator Friendly Landscaping. An organization that seeks to end toxic landscaping practices, making your yard a sanctuary for pollinators and other wildlife. Help the planet right in your own yard!

Quiet Clean D.C. QCDC is a non-profit group based in the nation’s capital that is striving to phase out obsolete, two-stroke, gasoline-powered lawn care equipment.

Quiet Clean PDX. A volunteer effort working to eliminate the use of gas powered leaf blowers to stop the harm that these tools cause to workers, the public and the environment.

Quiet Clean Seattle. A group of concerned citizens in Seattle who share a passion to mitigate the myriad problems that leaf blowers cause, and share a mission to make Seattle more enjoyable and livable.

Quiet Princeton. A group of local citizens with a common interest in reducing noise disturbance. They are currently focusing on one of the most disturbing–the noise and the pollution generated by leaf blowers.

Local Organizations

Local groups form the backbone of the growing national movement to regulate leaf blowers. Here are just a few:

Ban Leaf Blowers in Atlanta Georgia

Bedford CALM

Chicago CALM

Greenwich CALM

Newton CALM

Quiet Pensacola

Sonoma CALM

Triangle Citizens for Silencing Leaf Blowers

Walnut Creek CALM

Interested in starting your own group or want us to share your link? Contact us here.