Huntington CALM (Clean Alternative Landscaping Methods) provides education and outreach on the health and environmental impacts associated with highly polluting, noisy landscape equipment. Our mission is to move the commercial landscape industry to zero emission, quiet, sustainable practices, starting with the elimination of the highly polluting two-stroke engine gas leaf blower. We offer positive solutions that protect the health of families, workers, and our environment.

The problems with gas leaf blowers.

Gas-powered leaf blowers have invaded our once quiet, peaceful suburbs. These noise- and pollution-generating machines disrupt work, interfere with our children’s learning, and ruin a nice day in the garden for thousands of people across Long Island. Gas leaf blowers create dangerous levels of noise and emissions that have been recognized by scientists as real threats to our health, safety, and well-being.

We can do better.

Recent improvements in battery technology have made electric leaf blowers a safer and cleaner alternative. Battery-electric tools are a powerful and cost-effective solution for the homeowner and commercial landscaper.

Have questions?

See our FAQs page for answers to a range of questions, such as:

  • Why doesn’t closing my windows seem to help?
  • What else can I do with my grass clippings and fallen leaves?
  • How would reducing gas leaf blower use affect landscapers?
  • Do any landscapers offer quieter, greener alternatives?

Ready to take action?

Read more about the simple steps you can take to make Huntington a quieter, healthier, and greener community.