People all over are telling their landscapers, No to gas-powered leaf blowers. After the following email was sent, the landscaping company promised to stop using leaf blowers on the person’s lawn. Speak up, and join the chorus of people whose voices are being heard!

From: CR
To: DH
Sent: Friday, March 22, 2019 5:09 AM
Subject: gasoline leaf blowers

Dear D__,

You all have helped my yard look considerably better after one year, and I look forward to this year’s further lawn nourishment.

I was home the other day when the guy came by, nice fellow. When he finished up, I could not help (i.e. hear!) that he used a gasoline leaf blower to blow the sidewalk before he left.

I must confess that I do a little anti-noise pollution volunteer work for soundscape protection, something I believe in strongly and think is an undervalued public health issue. Through this advocacy work, I’ve learned how horribly polluting two-stroke gasoline leaf blowers (GLB’s) are. I got rid of my former landscaping service in part because of their equipment use. (I just use an electric mower and sweep.)

You likely heard that DC passed a ban on GLB’s starting in 2022, like a growing number of municipalities. I would think that a company claiming to be environmentally friendly would avoid using these, opting for lithium ion battery powered equipment if employees will not just quietly sweep. Battery powered blowers are obviously cleaner, quieter, and safer for your employees and residents alike. I’ve also been told that long term costs are equal or cheaper due to less maintenance and fuel.

I’ve attached a very short fact sheet.

Regardless of your decision on using these at all, I have to ask you not to use them on my property. I don’t want the pollution or noise in my neighborhood. Thanks for understanding.