Links to Our Allies

American Green Zone Alliance. AGZA does remarkable work in training, educating, and helping the landscaping industry to transition from gas to battery equipment.

Pollinator Friendly Landscaping. An organization that seeks to end toxic landscaping practices, making your yard a sanctuary for pollinators and other wildlife. Help the planet right in your own yard!

Quiet Clean D.C. QCDC is a non-profit group based in the nation’s capital that is striving to phase out obsolete, two-stroke, gasoline-powered lawn care equipment.

Local Organizations

Local groups form the backbone of the growing national movement to regulate leaf blowers. Here are just a few:

Ban Leaf Blowers in Atlanta Georgia

Bedford CALM

Chicago CALM

Greenwich CALM

Newton CALM

Quiet Pensacola

Sonoma CALM

Triangle Citizens for Silencing Leaf Blowers

Walnut Creek CALM

Interested in starting your own group or want us to share your link? Contact us here.