The hazards of working from home

A lot of us are working remotely these days, sharing the frustrations and challenges of nonstop Zoom calls. But it turns out that Jeffrey Toobin is not the only hazard that lurks behind the camera. According to this recent article in the Wall Street Journal, more leaf blower complaints are being filed by residents who are working from home, frustrated by the noise from landscaping crews invading our private and safe spaces.

From the article:

The buzzing of any lawn equipment can wreck a video call, but leaf blowers emit a low-frequency sound that has a long wavelength that passes easily through walls and closed windows.

The way the sound modulates as the engines are gunned is another irritant, said Catherine Palmer, director of audiology for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s integrated health system. While steady droning sounds may fade into the background, humans are wired to notice sudden changes in noise, she said.

This may be useful for evading threats in the wild, but it makes tuning out suburban sounds difficult, she said.

Read the full article here.

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