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Check out this post by Dusty Miller, of The Sydney Morning Herald. She really hits the nail on the head with this one:

It’s not the first time he’s tried to talk me into a leaf blower. The people who love using leaf blowers don’t seem to get that there are other people — most people — who loathe them. In trying to foist one on our household, I can only think J must have missed the endless anti-leaf blower diatribes from the gentry, the letters to the editor, the outraged items in Column 8, the tut-tutting, the community pleas for councils to ban them, Elizabeth Farrelly calling them “egregious, despicable and morally inexcusable” (bit strong, EF, but I hear you).

Diary of a bad housewife: The case for returning to the rake

And from The Brussels Times, the Flemish municipality of Knokke recently voted to ban two-stroke engine leaf blowers, and others are likely to follow suit. I appreciate the strong, unequivocal language used by the scientist they quote in the piece:

“There are so many disadvantages to two-stroke devices that you cannot describe them as anything other than complete ecological disasters,” said lecturer at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences, Mark Pecqueur.

“It is very unhealthy to operate such a device, because you are constantly in the polluted exhaust gas. In cities with low emission zones, it is madness that two-stroke devices are still be permitted,” Pecquer added.

Flemish municipality to ban leaf blowers due to pollution

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