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The rest of the nation is moving forward with restrictions/bans and recognizing the myriad of problems associated with gas leaf blowers. Small engine lawn and garden equipment contribute 12% of the emissions and air pollution in this country. Two stroke engine gas leaf blowers being the biggest culprit.

Yesterday we had students world wide march to garner attention about the current situation with global warming and greenhouse gases. Lawn and garden equipment is low hanging fruit that is even more insidious because it affects the air quality in every neighborhood where we live and our children play. It is not a problem at some far away highway or industrial plant.

The movement on Long Island started in Huntington and now North Hempstead, the Village of South Hampton, and several other municipalities are addressing the problem. This is not restricted to Long Island, but is a nationwide movement. Oregon and Vermont are introducing statewide legislation and municipalities all across the country are taking action. They would not be going to these lengths if this was a trivial problem.

We are surprised that our own council, which has had the benefit of Huntington CALM and all the science-based evidence and testimonials we have given them, does not recognize the situation and take the opportunity to connect with its constituents and listen to what they are asking.

Please write town council and tell them you want the elimination of gas leaf blowers in our community:

Take action now!

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